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Welcome to Black Cat Labs

Hi there, welcome to the documentation wiki for Black Cat Labs.

Useful Information

Pages on this site commonly visited, or that you may find useful:

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Black Cat Labs - Homepage - Homepage - Documentation
Casper Blog Supply - Homepage


Public by Default

Everything at Black Cat Labs is public by default. This allows a wider audience to take a peek inside, benefit from shared knowledge, and maybe even get involved. That's why we have this nice open wiki, and have the majority of our resources (this wiki included) on GitHub.

For information that can't be public--that which would put the company or our users/members at risk--we do also have an internal wiki, (Internal links are indicated with the padlock icon.)

Constantly Evolving

Everything is in Draft

Remember that this site, like most projects from Black Cat Labs, is always in draft and subject to change. When everything is in draft, contributions from team members as well as the wider community are welcomed.

You can track changes made to this site on GitHub.

Open to Interpretation

This wiki is subject to interpretation. We do our best to be as clear as possible to minimize confusion and/or misinterpretation. We also recognize that folks have a wide variety of languages, experience, and knowledge, and that may bring different interpretations. If you have any questions or need further clarification please check with the content owner of the page. When in doubt please reach out and ask.

Contributions Welcome

You can contribute!

We welcome anyone to submit contributions to this site. This site, like most projects from Black Cat Labs, is available on GitHub.

If you have changes you'd like to see, please submit a pull request!

Please see the Editing this Wiki section for more information.

Controlled Documents

If you come across pages/documents with this header, that indicates that they are a Controlled Document.

Inline with our internal policy as well as legal and contractual obligations, changes to Controlled Documents must be approved and merged by an administrator. Please discuss with @thhsh or another admin before making any changes.


This work is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

This wiki is inspired by the incredible GitLab Handbook.